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Another Prey Part 1 – Old woman seduces young man

Old woman seduces young man in a public library.

This is an animation video with SOUNDS and MUSIC.

Length: 11m : 14s Format: MP4 – WMV
Resolution: HD 1280×720 Size: 150 MB

The story:

An old huntress of young males has spotted a new prey in a public library.
A robust guy looks at her greedily.
She knows that he is irresistibly attracted to her legs.

The old woman seduces young man with slow and measured movements of her legs.
The boy is very horny and continually touches his genitals to relieve erotic pressure.

The experienced huntress slowly uncovers half her thigh.
The young stallion is now bewitched.

Old Woman Seduces Young Man - Another Prey Part 1 - FREE preview

Suddenly the woman gets up and goes, with a firm step, towards the ladies’ toilets.
The horny young bull follows her in secret.

Arriving at the toilets he cautiously opens the main door and sees the old female in one of the bathrooms and the door is open.

She pulls her skirt up slightly and then closes the door.
The young male can no longer resist.
He enters the bathroom.

Old Woman Seduces Young Man - Another Prey Part 1 - FREE preview

As soon as the boy is inside th bathroom the evil lady begins to kiss him obsessively.
She sinks her tongue deeply into his throat.
The horny male is surprised and confused.
He believed he was the hunter.

Now the devious hag begins to masturbate him with her expert hand.
The young man moans, overcome by excitement.
Suddenly the evil huntress squeezes her testicles tightly.
The stallion collapses on his knees, overcome by pain.

Old Woman Seduces Young Man - Another Prey Part 1 - FREE preview

She pushes his head under her skirt.
The boy can’t resist and begins to passionately lick her hairy pussy.
In the end the lady sprays abundantly in his mouth.
The young man is now completely submissive and finally understands that he is the prey and not the hunter.

The two leave the library to go to a place where the old witch can vent her worst sexual instincts on the body of her new young prey.

In a subsequent episode we will see the continuation of this intriguing adventure.

Old Woman Seduces Young Man - Another Prey Part 1 - FREE preview

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