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Sins – Old on young domination

A murky old on young domination story.

This is an animation with SOUNDS and MUSIC.

Length: 1h : 1m : 27s Format: MP4 – WMV
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The story:

A mature and experienced thief plans to steal the financial database of a wealthy and shady international drugs and weapons trafficker.
She manages to get hired by the trafficker as his son’s private teacher.
The cunning woman’s plan is to seduce the boy to get his father’s financial database.
The evil lady stays for five days in the luxurious villa of the wealthy trafficker.

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Day 1:
The first approach.

The old on young pressure begins.
The young university student is already bewitched by the charisma of his strict teacher.
He attempts a first approach, but the woman cleverly rejects him.
She wants the boy to be slowly overwhelmed by the raising desire to fuck her.

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Day 2:
Desire rises …

It is the second private lessons day.
The old on young pressure continues subtly.
The lustful boy wished for his aristocratic teacher all night.
Today he is very horny and can no longer resist the charm of the bewitching lady.

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He attempts a daring approach by groping the woman’s thigh but, once again, is refinedly rejected.
The cynical lady skillfully dominates the situation and, day by day, she is leading the young stallion to the highest level of desire to submit him to her will.

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In the evening, the thief is on her way to bed, but as she passes the master bedroom she hears groans and squeaks.
Then she opens the door slightly and sees the trafficker hard sodomized and dominated by his wife.
The witch understands that lust is the weak point of this family and she can profit from this.

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Day 3:
The young bull is subdued.

The old on young domination materializes.

Now the young man can no longer resist the urge to mount his mature teacher.

He, bravely, brings her a rose into her bedroom hoping to finally be able to seduce her.

The experienced woman realizes that now she can completely break the will of the muscular suitor and finally subdue him.

She pretends to give him a handjob but, suddenly, she squeezes his testicles in a fierce and painful grip.The boy writhes in pain and gasps heavily.
The evil lady takes the opportunity to fold him on the bed. and then immobilize him by pressing her knee on his neck.

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The cruel squeezing lasts for several minutes without stopping.
The young stallion writhes and screams in pain.

The woman’s knee presses on his neck choking him.
He is completely helpless and can only suffer terribly.
The hag continues the ferocious squeezing without mercy.

Finally the boy gives in and is about to faint as a mouthful of drool comes out of his mouth.

He is helpless and completely subdued to the witch.
But he still burns with desire.Now she releases her grip and removes her knee from his neck.

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The young bull is on the ground defeated, but still he burns with desire.
She throws him off with authority.

Old on young domination has become real now.

After submitting her fiery suitor, the refined thief goes to the villa’s sauna.
There she finds one of the family maids.
The curvy black girl is immediately captured by the mature lady’s evil charm.

She feels a strong desire to lick the old witch’s pussy from which she sees her juices dripping.
The magnetism of the old on young woman is strong.
The girl tries to resist her desire, her breathing becomes labored, but finally she has to give in and collapses to her knees before the old witch who looks at her with superiority.

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The young woman bends over the crone’s pussy and begins to lick it passionately.
The elderly dominatrix thights hold her in a vice forcing her to a deep and exhausting cunilingue.
The colored girl is panting strongly.

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Finally the evil old cum and her juice almost suffocates the young maid.
The hag’s thighs release their grip and she leaves without speaking.
The girl remains on her knees distraught.

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Day 4:
The breaking point.

The old on young domination is complete.

It is the fourth day of private lessons.
The boy masturbated all night thinking about his teacher.
Now he is completely submissive after the painful lesson he underwent the previous evening.
But the desire is too strong and he cannot resist.
The charismatic lady is next to the boy, sitting on the desk.
He looks longingly at her voluptuous legs.
His breath gets heavy.
He is too horny, he can’t resist and eagerly palpates the woman’s thigh.

She realizes that she can take advantage of it to make her final move and then stops him and tells him that if he copies his father’s financial database to her USB stick then she will allow him to mount her.
The boy is undecided and says he can’t do it.
Then the evil woman decides that this is a good time to push him beyond the breaking point.
She lewdly spreads her legs and shows her sinful pussy to the horny stud who can’t resist anymore and dives between the shrewd lady’s thighs.
But she blocks him and he can only smell her moist pussy without ever getting to lick it.

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Then her thighs tighten his neck in a mighty grip from which the robust young man cannot escape.
He gasps and writhes, but the hag’s voluptuous thighs continue to choke him.

The old on young pressure is high now.
The cruel neckscissor continues for a long time until the muscular young bull is about to pass out and the drool comes out of his mouth.
Now the woman opens her thighs, releases her grip and walks away.
She knows that now her young suitor has passed his breaking point and his resistance is completely broken.
She knows that the boy will bring his father’s database to her.

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In the afternoon, the evil thief and the married couple have a drink in the garden.
There she sees the black maid previously seduced in the sauna.
The girl is very embarrassed and the game of glances between the two females is intriguing.
The two spouses do not notice anything.

In the evening the wife still dominates her husband in bed.
She gives him a blowjob while she chokes him with a mighty neckscissor.
At the same time, the son is in the study and secretly downloading the father’s database onto the skilled thief’s USB stick.
The mature man gasps and writhes immobilized under his wife as his cum and his financial data are sucked out simultaneously.
Finally he gives in and collapses.

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Day 5:
The final move.

Today the married couple goes out and relaxes in an exclusive café in the city, leaving their son alone at home.
The evil woman takes advantage of this to conclude her plan.
She summons the young student to her room and tells him to give her the USB stick containing his father’s database.
The boy obeys and now he hopes to finally fuck his charismatic teacher.
The old hag loads the database onto her laptop and transfers all of the trafficker’s huge wealth to her offshore accounts.
The shrewd lady is satisfied, her daring plan has been successful.

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Now she must render the robust boy helpless in order to go away undisturbed.
Thus, she begins a tough sexual struggle to knock him out without his understanding what is happening.
First, the cynical female sucks his energy out with a fiery 69.
Then, she takes his breath away with a long and cruel facesitting.
Finally, the maleficent mounts him mercilessly until he is exhausted.
The young bull fucks her with all his strength, but each orgasm weakens his resistance more and more.
Now the boy is on the bed and panting exhausted.

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The woman, then, takes advantage of it and begins to dress, but the athletic stallion still has some residual energy.
He recovers and wants to fuck her again.
The hag understands that in order to leave without problems she has to finish the boy.
She locks him on the bed and gives him an intense and fierce handjob.
The young bull writhes and gasps under the pressure of the expert old woman.
He tries to resist as long as possible, but the woman’s action is pressing and ruthless.

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After a desperate resistance, the young stallion gives up and finally collapses.
Now he is exhausted on the bed, in a state of semi-consciousness.
The cruel lady has sucked the last of his energy out of him and now he gasps helpless.
Finally, she finishes dressing, packs her bags and leaves the villa with her car.

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The day after:
The epilogue.

The shady smuggler is terrified to discover that he has been completely robbed.
The astute international thief has struck again and now she is enjoying a vacation on a quiet Caribbean island.

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