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Trophies – Woman strangles man – Free images 1

An elegant woman strangles man after seducing and drunk him.

Then she cuts off the young man’s head and genitals and adds them to her rich collection of hunting

Image Story – PART 1
The Story:

An elegant lady is on the hunt for new trophies for her collection.
She meets a young man in a night club and seduces him with her charm.

The young stallion cannot resist the magnetic gaze of the mature woman and starts courting her,
The expert seductress gets him drunk and then takes him to her home.

The strong guy is drunk and very excited.
He has an irresistible desire to fuck the intriguing lady.
With skill, she puts a sedative pill in the young suitor’s glass and continues to make him drunk to
weaken his resistance and be able to tie him up.

Woman strangles man - Trophies - FREE Image Story - 00

The young man begins to fuck the mature female, but alcohol and sedative begin to numb him.

The woman makes a first attempt to tie him up, but the athletic guy is still too strong and frees
She, cleverly, makes him believe that he only wanted to play an erotic game.

The young bull is at the height of his excitement and begins to fuck the sensual lady with ardor.
The woman, cleverly, lets out her victim waiting for alcohol and drugs to stun him enough to
overwhelm him.

Woman strangles man - Trophies - Image Story - 9

Finally, the stallion runs out of stamina.
He is stunned and confused and the evil female leads him to the laundry room.

There she consumes the young man’s last energies by giving him a passionate blowjob.
Now the stallion is on the ground, quite stunned.

Woman strangles man. Woman strangles man. Woman strangles man. Woman strangles man.

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