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Huntresses – Dick Girl

When the huntress disguises herself as a prey. Intriguing Dick Girl.

This is an animation video with SOUNDS and MUSIC.

This is the FULL version and includes ALL three previously published parts.

Length: 20m : 45s Format: MP4 – WMV
Resolution: 772×720 Size: 363 MB

The story:

Entrapment: an intense oral sex . . .

It’s Saturday night . . .

A wiry guy is looking for females to fuck.
He has just hooked a seductive girl and converses amiably with her.
He hopes to go to bed with her.

Dick Girl Huntresses FREE Preview

Shortly afterwards the two rent a room in a hotel.
The horny male immediately starts licking the girl’s wet pussy.
But, suddenly, a surprise . . .

From the pussy comes a huge cock and the pretty damsel turns into an evil dick girl always hunting for young males to fuck.
Her magnetic eyes break the boy’s willpower and subdue him.

Dick Girl Huntresses FREE Preview

Then the young male is obliged to give a deep forced blowjob to the evil creature.
The demonic female sinks her mighty cock into the victim’s throat and pushes obsessively.

He breathes with difficulty and cannot resist.
Finally the demoness ejaculates furiously and pumps an impetuous river of cum into the poor young man’s throat.
The guy can’t swallow all the cum that also trickles out of his mouth.

Submission: a savage mouth fuck . . .

The victim is now completely subservient to the huntress.
She positions herself on her prey and begins a fierce mouth fucking.
The young male gasps under the compulsive huntress’s pressure.

Dick Girl Huntresses FREE Preview

After a long and relentless domination, the female ejaculates impetuously and inflict a second mouth cum on the poor young man.

A massive flow of hot cum clogs the throat of the victim and overflows between his lips.
The dick girl, smug, sits on him and watches him pant.

She already savors the terrible humiliations she will inflict on her prey in the next third part.

Final humiliation: a fierce anal sex

The evil woman inflicts an intense and painful anal sex on him.
She completely sinks her huge and very hard cock into the victim’s anus.
The beefy boy gasps and writhes desperately under the painful thrusts of the infernal creature.
He drools under the weight of the horny Demoness who fucks him obsessively.

Anal Sex Huntresses Part 3

The moans and contortions of the young male increase the pleasure of the lustful female.
After a long and terrible anal fuck the woman finally ejaculates heavily spilling an avalanche of thick cum into the bowels of the guy.
She savors the maximum of pleasure while he moans and agonies. in pain.

Then the dick girl sits on him and enjoys watching his now annihilated prey.
She returns to the form of an attractive girl.
Finally the huntress gets dressed and leaves, leaving the exhausted boy on the bed.

Soon she will go hunting for a new prey to satisfy her insatiable lust.

Dick Girl Huntresses

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